Music questionnaire!

I've recently been active on 8tracks. This is a questionnaire I found there and I removed all superlatives for my convenience. Q: What song is currently stuck in your head? Yellow Flicker Beat. The chorus is quite catchy. Q: What song cheers you up? Around Us. There's something special about the tune or the lyrics, or … Continue reading Music questionnaire!


Why blog?

It's 3AM, and I can't study any more. Hence I shall post a rather incomplete draft I wrote few days back, so that I can sleep knowing I got something done today. Sometimes I find a random personal blog and read it completely over few days. The authors almost always start off with poor or average writing … Continue reading Why blog?


Random questions that I found on a blog. Q. Were you named after anyone? No. But our house in Asansol was named after me. 😀 Q. When was the last time you cried? Last year I suppose. Q. Do you like your handwriting? Not particularly. But I can make it pretty if I want. Q. What is your favorite … Continue reading Q&A