“Search the rooms!” There were probably a dozen men. He carefully observed the faces through the tiny crack meant for air. They seemed human. For a second he even considered… Clang! The sound almost made him jump. One of the men emerged from the kitchen dragging Bessie by the hair. His heart broke then and … Continue reading Teeth


The ancient lump from his childhood poked at his throat once again. He picked up a handful. It was natural, he kept telling himself. No need to get emotional over it. He tried to think of the millions of oxygen atoms snapping perfectly into place on the carbon-filled pieces of paper. Yes, it was the … Continue reading Ash


It was almost comical, how his tired brain perceived the figures dancing around him. Few familiar faces stared at him, their lips moving, probably shouting or screaming like they always did at the slightest opportunity. Being oblivious to sound was kind of fun. He almost wanted to linger on for few more seconds. It would … Continue reading Hero


The creature called ‘depression’ always manages to sneak in, even if you have an entire squad of brain cells actively guarding and spreading cheer. It’s like a law of nature. It’s something inevitable. Unless your mind is locked up in some impenetrable dungeon of ignorance. When you look around, you’ll find things - brilliant things … Continue reading Whoop-te-do!

Moving on

I remember an evening, sometime during my 3rd semester at IISER-K. I was riding back from class and found the surroundings dazzling with melancholy. It looked like a scene out of an anime. The sun was about to set, but had gone behind a huge grey cloud instead, leaving a faint, yet universal, glow over … Continue reading Moving on